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GamerSupps (GG) are energy powder supplements, powerful, healthier, and an effective alternative to atypical energy drinks found in the market. A new and striving company focused on providing a different energy drink that supplies the user with a responsible amount of caffeine without additives to make you crash and burn, to keep players focused and ready for their clutch moments. GamerSupps are taking the energy drink industry by the horns by introducing a drink with just a single small scoop of GG provides you with an immediate increase in Energy, Focus, Alertness, and Reaction Time without the use of fillers or calories.  

GG is perfect for those moments you need a huge boost over your competition and you need to Play Better - Win More. A proud affiliation with GamerSupps allows eSportsRDA to offer GamerSupps products' during our EIP workshops to showcase a healthier and more powerful alternative to energy drinks while offering a 5% discounted price.

Our eSportsRDAPRO teams proudly support GamerSupps in their initiative to change the meta of what we drink.

End of Reality are a powerful server hosting company with best-in-class performance and customer support. Everything from Minecraft to CS:GO, their powerful servers allow for maximum efficiency with a platform that allows you to control everything with ease. In addition End of Reality hosts dedicated servers for data transfer for web hosting and much more.

A proud affiliation with End of Reality allows eSportsRDA to provide golden standard services to our clients at a 5% discounted price while supporting the EIP workshops with free services. In addition Team eSportsRDAPRO uses EoReality services to showcase the true power in connectivity. Reliable, convenient, the End of Reality standard.