At our very core we are Gamers just like you. We pride ourselves in being a small company that is very hands-on with our approach. We offer a variety of services, but one thing remains the same - we will always put our best foot forward. Our employees are taught to incorporate this as their very essence of life, the list posted below showcases a sequential idealism we all must follow. It embodies the notion that all of us here in eSports are equal to all. Not because we need to, because we want to and because we should. Community is what drives us and when an industry thrives, it's because the community helped it thrive.

We have a responsibility to our clients and each other. We treat each other like family members because at the end of the day we're all in this together. Why is our Mission Statement so direct and personal? It's simple. We want everyone who interacts with our company to know what values we whole heartedly value. Not only do we encourage our clients to understand how we work, we want our clients to feel assured that their moral and ethical values match ours. Comfort, passion, professionalism.

We are eSportsRDA.

  • Treat one another with the utmost of respect.
  • Do not discriminate or hinder a player and/or business from receiving services.
  • Do not impose or solicit any services not listed or requested by a player and/or business.
  • When working with a player and/or business, eSportsRDA staffers will remain respectful & professional during appropriate channels of dialogue.
  • During or after your services are rendered, eSportsRDA staffers will not hold any illegal or inappropriate relationships that compromise our ethical values.
  • When working with eSportsRDA staffers or third-party vendors always follow procedure and mandated R&U's.
  • When an incident occurs, instruct your respective superior and follow press-release regulations, do not break the chain of command.
  • If a player and/or business isn't happy with services rendered, do your best to assist them to correct the issue.
  • eSportsRDA staffers must not accept gifts above the total amount of $30 from clients, exceptions are made for partners, vendors, and indirect parties not associated with your duties.

Have feedback, questions, comments, concerns? Want to commend or report an eSportsRDA member? If they did not follow our Mission Statement Guideline you can reach us at