eSports Organizations Service Overview

Office of Development

Offering services within the vertical of an atypical coaching company, mixed within our dynamic infrastructure it combines the power of research and development. Internal development has empirically been the most objective function within eSports organizations. Our services include the following for the developmental aspect in eSports organization back-end services.

  • Integrating R&A, we rehaul infrastructures, establishing hierarchies, systematical procedures, regulations, and platforms
  • Train players mechanically, establishing brands for individuals and teams, and train executive officers in managerial roles
  • Builds players around the culture and lifestyle of professional gaming, offering workshops, training, and other assistance from Development Coaches and Analysts to ensure players and staff are working agendas to solidify progression for the longevity of their careers
  • Core functions integrated in a free-form infrastructure allow us to work directly with players or through in-house staff
  • Create online/print marketing campaigns, mediate partnerships for endemic brands and services, sponsorships and marketing campaigning
  • Soluble services affordable for prospect teams, growing companies, and tier 1 entities (teams, clubs, personalities, organizations)