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The eSports Mentorship Program (EMP) operates under the eSports Initiative Program. The program is filled with curriculum, workshops, advisory, and services for prospect business leaders, innovators, players, and brands. Giving them an opportunity to work with an eSports Leader to mentor them for the duration of the program. Leadership starts from the top and flows through rank and file. In our industry, we have seen a rise and unfortunate fall of players, brands, and businesses due to the lack of leadership, structure, and opportunities at the grassroots level. Mentorship programs are few and far in between, today we announce our eSports Mentorship Program, which will be free under the EIP.

As part of our global initiative, eSportsRDA will continue to pave the way for new opportunities and paths for players, brands, and businesses. Our eSports outreach program, eSports Initiative Program, has created content for industry and players alike, offered discounted/free services, hosted online/offline events, workshops, webinars for all -- at no cost to you. Today, we are taking it a step forward with the addition of our new program tailored to mentor and empower individuals to become the next generation of eSports Leaders.

Currently accepting applications for the month of: N/A
Application deadline: N/A

The eSports Mentorship Program targets the core functions of leadership and management. We believe it is in the best interest of the industry to teach its own, continuing the cycle of student to mentor for the betterment of our industry and market. To empower our future leaders to ensure our industry is sustainable, ethical, regulated, and prepared for the obstacles that lie ahead. Candidates may submit their applications on behalf of themselves or their businesses. There are no immediate restrictions to the businesses as long as the businesses meets the application requirements.


  • Players, brands, businesses must meet strict ethical practices
  • Players, brands, businesses must be able to work with our strict schedule
  • Players, brands, businesses must be operating at the time of application
  • Players, brands, businesses must be over the age of 17+ at the time of application
  • Players, brands, businesses must be able to access VOIP software (microphone+headset) and internet browsers with internet access

*Player: We have historically titled the category "Player" under an active player within a competitive team structure or back-end support (Manager, Coach, Analyst). To avoid confusion, we wanted to highlight the fact that backend support roles are covered under the eSports Mentorship Program.

EMP Curriculum Schedule & Agenda:

  • Core leadership workshops (Hiring, Training, Personnel Management)
  • Core business workshops (Ops/Admin, Businesses Dev, Businesses Management)
  • Core ethics/regulations workshops (Ethics in eSports, Business Practice, Legal Regulations)
  • Core advisory workshops (Hour consults, Assessments, Development Services)

Each week the program will highlight a new agenda. For 3 weeks, 3 consecutive days in each program week, we will focus on new subjects in a comprehensive form, utilizing our Mastername Database, experience, and staff to thoroughly mentor students. Offering theoretical and practical teachings that will help students learn about new dynamic techniques, procedures, regulations, and infrastructures that are incorporated into eSports effectively. The program will bring people together, teach them together, and allow them to network together. Helping everyone equally while encouraging and facilitating team building foundations that are critical to succeeding in the industry and market.

If you would like to contribute funds to better the eSports Initiative Program, please do so via our Patreon. Every dollar helps.

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