Welcome to the eSports Initiative Program (EIP).

The EIP creates workshops and training sessions for prospect players and professionals who wish to join the eSports industry. EIP is held at no cost to the attendee, free and readily available to attend. As the EIP grows, production and support staff will be increased to meet the growing demands. Each week EIP will designate a handful of topics to fill an agenda to target a new audience or a preexisting one to clarify and cultivate success organically through theoretical and practical teaching. We're setting out to host local workshops in addition to online workshops, encouraging a productive growth and fruitful transition into eSports.

A tenured industry that is going through continuous growth. During this time we hope the EIP will help players and professionals understand these changes and the duties associated with the industry. Our mission is to continue offering free services to a wide array of demographics as consistently and effectively as possible. The EIP takes a lot of time, patience, staff, and resources so if you're willing to help as a volunteer or donate product prizes or monetary donations, click the links below to redirect you.

Here are some of the things EIP focuses on:

  • Help prospect teams and/or players through our eSportsRDAPRO farm structure.
  • Host free workshops, keynotes, events & training sessions for aspiring players, talent, and professionals.
  • eSportsRDA specialists assist selected players, talent, and professionals in pro-bono consultations and advisory positions.
  • eSportsRDA funds players, talent, and professionals to support progression through EIP donation and/or matched currency.
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