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Office of Operations

We're passionate about the industry, the titles, the people and our agenda is to provide a platform for services that are affordable and effective. We're a growing company, our motto is never to break the bank of our clients. We want eSports to grow and we're playing our part in the ecosystem to ensure our future is clear and concise. We hope to regulate, we hope to build brands of all sorts, we hope to encourage not hinder progression.

As a consultancy we're primarily a middle-man servicing company. A third-party that oversees and reacts accordingly. We're proud to offer a mediation service that is comparable to golden standard arbitration companies all around the world. Our network of in-house expert researchers, analysts, coaches, and marketers are experienced and trained in handling internal and external disputes. Resolving issues with players, organizations and third-party operators. In addition to our mediation, arbitration and advisory services we offer client servicessuch as.

  • Handling internal-external disputes, contract negotiations, facilitating partnerships and working with your team in advisory positions
  • Connect your brand(s) with Gamers, introducing you to the world of eSports or growing your reach with millennials and passionate enthusiasts in eSports
  • Create or amend your pitches, sales-decks, and other presentations to help branch your targettable demographic from experts who know gaming and eSports
  • Through our hands-on, effective, reliable, and affordable services we put you in a position of ease. Sit back, relax, we do the hard work so you don't have to
  • Specialized channel of operations and our unique state of the art infrastructure provides you a large catalogue of tangible services as the ultimate one stop shop