eSportsRDA-SnK Update - "Building a Better esports"

eSportsRDA-SnK Update - "Building a Better Esports"


It's been a month and a couple of days since our last update. Since then we have made significant progress here at eSportsRDA and SnK eSports. This press-release will serve as a double report. We acquired SnK eSports as an arm of eSportsRDA, to establish our presence in esports not only as a leading consultancy, but as one who would control and showcase an organization from within to show the industry and market how theory can be transferred into practice. A "practice what you preach" situation. It allows us to enter the dynamic world of semi-professional esports to better understand the problems plaguing the back and front end of organizations, while fostering players and staff through our deeply rooted commitments. Growth is a commitment that acts as a domino effect. We are on a mission to make esports sustainable and regulated, so these SnK leaders will pass their knowledge and expertise on, to trickle down to the new prospects of esports.

We've been operating the eSportsRDA consultancy for roughly 5 years. Starting off as a coaching platform to facilitate transactions and mainstreaming coaching services in an affordable and personalized method. Now, we service dozens of clients at any given time, in and out of esports through our golden standard practices, service suites offering tangible deliverables for new and existing businesses in the space. We operate a board style firm in a partner buy-in, bootstrapping our opportunities to ensure our agenda couldn't be changed or altered by a majority into something we weren't capable or comfortable executing. It's been an amazing 4 years with the small team of passionate individuals, but we have decided it's best to look for a single or round of investors to expand and centralize a new office in the LA area.

We will be taking on more clients and more opportunities in and out of the esports industry, and that requires more capital and a new board to navigate our newly designed forecast. We welcome offers for Directors, Angels, and Investors to help us start a new chapter for eSportsRDA. By saying that, we have mutually parted ways with some existing directors in the board to free up opportunities for our growth. We thank them for their service to esports and wish them luck on their new non-esports venture!

You can email offers for buy-in partners at:
You can email offers for Investor(s) at:

SnK has also grown in the time under our acquisition and control. We are proud to announce our foundation and infrastructure has been set as well as staff positions within leadership and senior roles. These individuals have proven themselves as prospect in their roles, all together, their experiences and roles will accomplish great things under this collective. Introducing the new staff members of SnK eSports.

"My name is Matthew Bianchi and I'm the Director of US Business Development. I'm very excited to be a part of SnK! I've worked various roles in the realm of esports over the past few years from graphic design to business development. I've previously worked with companies such as MMO Coach and my own personal venture Olympus Gaming. In addition, I've managed a lower tier esports teams along the way, helping them improve and grow. Some might call me a bit of a generalist but I know I can contribute and make an impact wherever I am. I look forward to accomplishing great things with SnK and plan to push the boundaries of esports. I can't wait to shape this industry in new and innovative ways." - Mathew Bianchi

“Hello, my name is Jordan Conlin and I'm the Director of Marketing & Partnerships. I'm extremely honored to be given this opportunity to help rebuild SnK, not only as an esports organization, but as a brand that our fans will come to admire and trust. As well as looking forward to working with our future sponsors and partners to represent the core values of what SnK has to offer, not only to our own community, but to esports as a whole.” - Jordan Conlin

”Hello, my name is Jonathan 'BaitedBoot' Jennings and I'm the Director of Social Media. It's awesome to finally be part of of SnK eSports. My dream since finding out about esports in 2013 was to either play or work for a team. This is a dream come true to be working with these awesome individuals at SnK and I can't wait for you all to get to know me and the new SnK better!” - Jonathan Jennings

“Hello, my name is Jacob Valila and I'm the Lead Graphic Designer. It feels pretty good being a part of SnK since I know that everyone in this organization cares for their own craft and has the ability to drive to make SnK a big organization. A lot of small organizations fall because the lack of a full team members working together, so SnK is special. I personally put all my efforts to anything I do and SnK will be a gigantic organization that I’ll stay with from all the levels we grow in. Through thick and thin, this organization definitely has the prosperity to grow in this industry.” - Jacob Valila

In addition to our existing staff members all leadership and senior positions have been filled up. We are still looking for graphic designers, editors, and writers to assist the agenda pipeline.

Streamers & Content Creators

SnK eSports will not just house prospect teams. We will be housing and facilitating streamer & content creator growth as part of our outreach campaign. Streamers & content creators are an important part of brand ambassadorship in esports and gaming and we believe our procedures and business practices interconnect with their platform and agenda. We're looking for talented and prospect individuals to join the SnK "Creators" team to work under a managed brand for new and exiting opportunities. We will continue to reach out to teams, players, brands and partners to join the SnK family by integrating their talent, products and services into our service suite from the RDA/SnK back-end or front-end. We have exciting partnerships to announce in the coming weeks! As always feel free to join the SnK Discord to learn more about our community and talk to us about joining or assisting us in any of our projects.

If you're interested please send an email to:

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