SnK Reborn - Leadership Newsletter - "Transition"

SnK Reborn - Leadership Newsletter "Transition"


Much like our country celebrated its anniversary on July 4th, SnK too celebrated something on that same day: a new beginning under renewed leadership. SnK looks on with refreshed hope towards new horizons and the new doors we will be able to open. Without further ado, we introduce to you a statement from the CEO himself.

Hello, I'm Walter, the new CEO of SnK eSports. I run eSportsRDA. On top of running an esports consultancy, I operate our non-profit outreach arm and advocate for esports across the country. I was given notice that SnK was looking for a new CEO and so I took the opportunity. SnK is a great brand with a historic tie to my grassroots in esports. Along with this, the brand brings a nostalgic sense of purpose that it has been building up for a long time. I grew up in a time where gaming and esports met at a crossroad and as such I never believed I could use gaming as a platform to build my personal and professional career.
It's been a long time since I've been able to operate an esports team, club, and organization exclusively as a personal venture and I'm privileged to take up SnK’s mantle as CEO. As we move forward as a collective, more news will be announced via SnK and eSportsRDA's media room.

The first challenge of any transition is focusing on priorities, assessing staff, agendas, and organization’s vision for the future. SnK will be going through periodical restructures internally and externally to ensure it is ready to stand strong as a company for years to come. SnK is my personal venture, but as a whole it was be soaked into the larger scheme of eSportsRDA. As it is currently, it truthfully can't stand the pressure of its own weight. It needs a support system and an infrastructure that not only encourages growth, but facilitates it. My first act as CEO will be to absorb SnK into eSportsRDA as an arm within our Office of Operations.

What does this mean?

It means SnK will receive the attention it deserves. It will also allow SnK to fully utilize eSportsRDA assets as well as allowing eSportsRDA to use SnK as a platform to practically facilitate live operations and administrative procedures. This procedure is meant to give clients and outreach members the opportunity to work and operate in a dynamic and practical setting. This also gives SnK the opportunity to make these transitions without affecting the performance and stability of the company and organization. Esports has a systemic issue that is plaguing the market and industry. Our focus isn't just to make SnK work, it's to use our policies and procedures that can be replicated for all of esports. We don't just want us to succeed, we want everyone to succeed. In other words: we have to incubate SnK until it is ready to #SnKWin

One of the underlying issues in SnK will be restructuring internal teams. Like any business or brand, it can't work without a functioning infrastructure or hierarchy of leadership. Within the next couple of days and weeks, you will not only see a major change in our infrastructure, but a major change in our website and digital media strategies as well. This will include news announcements as well as new job postings. As a rule of thumb, any applicant that meets the prerequisite standards will be allowed to apply. We want able-bodied leadership, someone who is experienced in their own right, as well as someone who can grow as a person and as a professional with the SnK family. So, if you see a position open up, please don't hesitate to give it a shot!

That wraps up our first of many newsletter. More will be released on a monthly basis to keep fans of SnK updated. As always, transparency in communications is key in any organization. Thank you for sticking with the brand: I know you deserve better, and you will be given better. If you have a suggestion, comment, or have a general inquiry, you can reach me personally via email or Twitter at / @Mellowwalt. Remember to stay tuned to our social media and website for more information.

- Walter Sosa,

On behalf of SnK Management