A New Challenger Has Arrived -- eSportsRDA Teams up with SnK eSports


A New Challenger Has Arrived -- eSportsRDA Teams up with SnK eSports


eSportsRDA is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership between SnK eSports & eSportsRDA. For the next fiscal quarter, eSportsRDA will be representing SnK for media, partnerships, and operation management. Through our continued dedication to accessible and affordable servicing in eSports, SnK eSports is a prospect eSports organization that will take up one of five EIP Client slots. An organization with bright entrepreneurs, athletes, management, and an infrastructure that will usher new standards into eSports.

As an eSports consultancy with a tenured history in outreach, we continue to raise the bar, introducing new dynamics to solidify the bottom-line. Client relations are mutually beneficial to the industry and market, and a strategic partnership like this reaffirms commitments to a better more sustainable era in professionalism for prospect and aspiring organizations, brand identifiers, and entrepreneurs. If you believe your organization may benefit from our pro-bono services who would like third-party assistance within your organization, read more information here.

Walter Sosa, Managing Director | eSportsRDA said.

"eSports has had a long year. In such a short span we have broken record numbers, introduced and integrated non-endemics across the board from partnerships, activiations, events, marketing, and more. It is great to see the industry and market flourish but we have much more to do. No one wants to talk about the elephant in the room. The problems we are plagued with and the problems that are sometimes yet to be fully recognized or addressed. As I said earlier this year, we are emphasizing on outreach and solidifying golden standard procedures for everyone. From professional teams, new brands, eSports athletes, and talented organizations like SnK. SnK is a great organization that has a lot of potential and that's why we've chosen them as one of our EIP Clients. We're going to do a world of good with them and we hope this is the beginning of a strong fruitful relationship."

Tyler "Typhooon" Secco, Chief Executive Officer, SnK eSports said.

"We are happy and pleased to be working with Walter and the entire team over at eSportsRDA. From our first brief meeting with Walter, we knew that the visions he had and the goals that surrounded eSportsRDA were very similar of our own goals and dreams. We share very similar ideas and ambitions of the eSports world and are very excited to begin working with them for this fiscal quarter, to achieve some of the biggest deals and acquisitions that we have ever solidified."

As their official media, partner, and operations representative we will be transitioning point of contacts among other things. SnK, like our other clients past and present, will focus on core operations allowing them to breathe easy knowing a fiduciary firm will handle the complexities while you hang back and do what makes this industry and market great. Game hard. Win big.


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