Restructuring eSportsRDA



Hope everyone has enjoyed their time off during the holidays. A time to reflect back on the year, while enjoying the company of their friends and loved ones. We here at eSportsRDA have made it an annual tradition to observe the holidays and reset, coming back prepared for a new fiscal year.


We're an eSports consultancy. A firm with an ever-expanding infrastructure matched by a superior hierarchy. Our Directors are leaders in their own respective offices, but they are also company owners. Decision-makers who collectively make up the Executive Board. They are the backbone structure that keeps eSportsRDA running fluently. Since our inception, our numbers have fluctuated. We retain and lose, Freelancers, Consultants, Directors, and Volunteers. Due to the nature of the industry and changes to the market, our agenda and pipeline have changed to meet new demands. We initially started off as a coaching platform for semi-professionals and amateur teams. We then proceeded to offer services business-to-business in large scale operations, etc.

Changes that came about because of the decisions that were made in our annual restructures. This year our current Directors and I had a long meeting. We have always remained transparent about our work, our prices, our abilities, and our inabilities. Setting an example for all to see and hear. Throughout the course of this year, we have grown immensely, we have tackled new challenges, some spawned from last minute decisions, others from long overdue discussions.

Decisions that would impact our future. Decisions that would explore new opportunities and courses. This fiscal, we are restructuring eSportsRDA completely. Over the next couple of months, we will be dropping our marketing structures, and replace them with the EIP/EMP initiatives as a business model and our continued and expanded effort in eSports outreach. To help move the industry in the right direction while focusing on developmental services that make the most impact.

A decision that wasn't made lightly. After long discussions and debates, our team has reconvened to sit on the decisions made. It was settled on and we are excited to see where the future takes us. Many factors played a role in our decisions, in lieu of our new initiative, some of our Directors have decided to take new positions in new companies, others have decided it would be mutually beneficial to part ways and explore other opportunities away from the eSports industry. We are welcoming old Directors and retaining our Director of Business Development. In addition, internal audits and developments were made to change the infrastructure to fit in our new model.

Losing key decision-makers will be tough. Friends who became business partners in such a short time. We thank them for their service, we thank them for their help, we thank them for their commitment and time. Business will not be affected immediately. For our current brand solutions clients, and marketing clients, please refer to the Client Mastername for more information. Our infrastructure is truly one of a kind. It allows for the company to run efficiently with minimal changes affected by people operations. Services and contracts will be rendered for the month of January 2017. Effective February 2017 we will be shutting down the office of marketing and replacing it with the office of eSports outreach. Marketing Freelancers and Consultants will be parting ways with the core team. However marketing will remain integral to our business, but it will not be an expansive office as we planned on.

We are beginning to finalize our operational budget, finalize partnerships, and fill in our yearly client calendar. We will announce more information relevant to our expansions and partners within the next couple of days. In addition we will be focusing on replacing our Executive Board. The following positions are now vacant and available:

Chief Operating Officer (Director of Personnel)
Chief Gaming Officer (Director of Coaching & Analytical Studies)

Until we fully restructure and finalize our cash-flow, we will not be hiring for any paid salary positions. In the meantime, we are currently looking for equity partners who will be paid pier diem, pending 30-day assessment before we look into fiscal compensation.

Our partners require buy-ins, and they are company owners unlike traditional roles in eSports. If you are interested in the positions, please refer to the jobs page located here.

Walter Sosa | Managing Director


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