eSports Mentorship Program - December Academy Results & Update


eSports Mentorship Program - December Academy Results & Update


Late November we announced the eSports Mentorship Program to an overwhelming amount of significant reception. The industry took notice of our work and we made it our mission to get as many prospect applicants in our pool to maximize our impact. In a short time frame, we were receiving up to 10 applications a day. At the end of the application drive, we had the difficult job of deciding which 20 applicants would be receiving our whole hearted attention for the next month as Students.

We selected 20 Students that were ambitious, hungry, driven to build, and ready to take up the mantle of Student in this three week, nine course, studious Academy. Starting with individual courses leading up to team-oriented courses that would test their competency, prepare them for the dynamic and competitive world of eSports. From leadership to business practices and leader-follower management majorities in infrastructure. We focused on career development and the principal obstacles that are faced in this industry and market.

Here are some fun facts:
Out of 20 Students, 80% of the Students completed the Academy.
Out of 20 Students, 25% of the Students owned or operated a growing eSports organization.
Out of 20 Students, 60% of the Students completed/attended courses on par to the schedule.
Out of 20 Students, 20% of the Students dropped out of the Academy.
Out of 20 Students, 100% of the Students connected and networked with each other!

The Academy came at a hectic time, one of the busiest months of the fiscal year, and one of the busiest months in the calendar year for holiday observation, vacationing, and work/school transitions. Throughout it all, we made some changes to the schedule, and still had a lot of the Students commit to the Academy program and curriculum. For that, we thank the Students and the Mentors for their participation and completion of the December Academy. We will be skipping the January Academy to focus on redeveloping the curriculum to become more practical and on-hand.

Throughout the Academy, we watched Students become leaders, we gave everyone the opportunity to become a Student-Leader, who would take charge and take initiatives around the discussions and curriculum. It's not an easy feat to round up new or learning Students, but one Student stood out among the crowd. Justin "CoachJ" Anzalone, owner of Guerrilla Tactics eSports. A grassroots eSports organization with great ambitions for the amateur scene. As the Most Valuable Student (MVS) we will be offering CoachJ one of the five EIP Client slots, which will grant him development services so we can directly help grow his business, promotional codes from our partner eSportsify, and free jersey designs from our partner Manatee. Justin Azalone can be found on Twitter. Feel free to congratulate him and welcome him on his new journey in further developing his brand!

Many functions wouldn't be possible without our partners. Without them, the Academy would have gone a different direction which would have diverted us from the core curriculum. We look forward to working with them long-term including future Academies within the eSports Mentorship Program. More information will follow regarding the future of eSports Mentorship Program Academy soon.

Walter Sosa | Managing Director


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