We're Now Accepting Applications! - Q1 EIP Clients


eSportsRDA will be picking 5 clients for our eSports Initiative Program for Q1 2017.


As announced earlier last week, our immediate service path will take up us along developmental services and our industry leading outreach programs. EIP is the core outreach program that grants businesses and brands free services for the fiscal quarter to help raise the bottom-line for their operations. EIP offers all inclusive services in a pro-bono foundation that spans for multiple weeks. Facilitating growth, redeveloping pipelines, infrastructures, policies, and more. We limit the amount of pro-bono clients to ensure we give enough time and dedication to the handful selected.

Please refer to our servicing model and inquire for more detailed information:

Please refer to our EIP information page for more detailed information:

If your eSports organization, brand or business find (a) service(s) that we offer that would help but aren't in the position to expense or finance third-party services this quarter, this program is meant for you.

No formality to the application, however, we have important requirements for succession.

  • Your eSports organization, brand, or business, must have been operating for more than 5 months.
  • The selection of pro-bono services vary in limitations, and may not be changed after implementation.
  • As eSportsRDA clients, you are bound by the same client standards, and terms of service afixed.
  • We will only service EIP clients who are operating ethically, proactively, and those who are on limited budgets. I.E: If you can afford our service, we will discontinue engagement to offer it to someone who can't.

Applications can be forwarded to homeoffice@esportsrda.net Name, brand/business, point of contact, etc. "Title EIP Application".

Walter Sosa | Managing Director



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