Announcing eSportsRDAPRO & CS:GO line-up!

Today we are excited to announce the beginning of our eSports organization integration and the acquisition of a CS:GO team line-up to begin our journey.

Fielded by a young and passionate group of individuals who will be the first of many to come to play under the banner of eSportsRDAPRO. Currently playing in the OPEN season in ESEA their story resonates with many, driven to success, hungry and yearning for the opportunity to create a career in eSports.

Through our commitment and support we will be assisting the players and professionals by facilitating their growth and showcasing the abilities of eSportsRDA and the group of talented prospects. As their story continues under the eSportsRDA banner, we will give them the tools to succeed by developing them in a dynamic enviroment. Giving them an opportunity at creating a fruitful career from an organic setting that many forgo. We want to house teams and professionals and ensure they follow systemic procedures and exercise ethical and responsible decisions inside and outside of the game.

Walter Sosa, Managing Director of eSportsRDA said this:

"In eSports opportunity for new prospect teams are few and far between. We were searching for a team who was looking for an opportunity at bettering themselves as individuals and as a unit. We found this team who is already making progress and we want to further that progress by giving them the resources they need.

I'm excited to see what this line-up is capable of doing as we approach harder obstacles. Please welcome me in welcoming the CS:GO line-up into the eSportsRDA family."

The line-up is already 3-0, facing opponents and learning from their experiences. We want the CS:GO line-up to remain synonymous to the eSportsRDA brand and hope you show them love.

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Meet the team:

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