eSports Mentorship Program Leader Profile - Walter Sosa

Walter Sosa


Managing Director at eSportsRDA

Job Description:
Managing day to day operations, residential chief dank memer.

I've been involved in eSports since my days in Machinima, where I started off as a Content Creator. Wow the old days of console eSports brings back some good nostalgia. I can sit down and ponder on the status of eSports as a whole, but I'm too busy working to make it better. I love writing, horror movies, dealing with the puzzles in eSports, and general activities intertwined in the industry.

The industry means so much to me personally, and I always wanted to play a role in ensuring the industry and market become self reliable, sustainable, ethical, and regulated. If I'm not playing League of Legends or Overwatch, you'll find me writing for numerous publications, sharing my thoughts, or assisting eSports actors from professional teams to amateur grassroots' organizations. One thing you should know about me: I'm very very adamant that pineapple belongs on pizza.

Thoughts on the Esports Mentorship Academy:
We at eSportsRDA are a small ambitious group of individuals. We strive to assist as many brands, businesses, organizations, and players as we can. Because everyone deserves an opportunity in this booming industry and market. This conceptualized Academy has been in the works for a while now, we finally got the right people together, and we're giving this a go. To teach people for free, give them experiences they can take back to their camp, while ushering in a new age of eSports development from the ground up.

We need more leaders in this industry, and our culture has gleaned over opportunities at creating or sustaining progressive outreach programs for too long. As part of our global outreach initiative, we will continue to empower our industry, fix systematical issues, and develop new innovative programs that are accessible to everyone, for free.

Connect with our EMP Mentor:
Twitter: @MellowWalt
Snapchat: MellowWalt