eSports Mentorship Program Leader Profile - Alex Fletcher

Alex Fletcher


Managing Director at Esports Group, LLC.

Job Description:
Manage the day-to-day advisory and strategy operations at Esports Group.

I’ve been involved with the esports industry for 5 years. Having been a gamer and an athlete my entire life, it’s been great to see the marriage of the two. These are exciting times. We’re literally witnessing the growth of an entirely new industry around competitive gaming. So I’m excited to contribute to helping the esports community grow into the role it will play. There’s much to be done, but the opportunity is massive!

Thoughts on the Esports Mentorship Academy:
Good leadership is at the heart of every successful venture. Mentorship is all about developing tomorrow’s leaders. Esports is a very fluid space – where it can be hard to find your way, professionally. So connecting new talent with people who have had professional experience is badly needed. And it’s something that benefits everyone. As an industry is only as strong as its organizations and connections between people.

Connect with our EMP Mentor:
Twitter: @fletchunleashed
Snapchat: fletchunleashed