eSports Mentorship Program Leader Profile - Mathew Bianchi


Matthew Bianchi


Business Development Manager

Job Description: 
Managing and establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with eSports Organizations and services.  

Introduce Yourself: 
Hello!  My name is Matt and I'm a massive eSports enthusiast.  I've worked on several small eSports projects and startups in the past wearing many different hats such as a graphic designer, social media manager, or business developer.  However currently, I'm helping out over at MMO Coach as a business development manager, actively seeking new partnerships with relative orgs.  In my spare time, I also do work as a freelance Graphic designer. 

I'm in my final semester at Cal Lutheran University completing my degree in Multimedia.  I'm always pursuing new opportunities and love the chance to talk and meet with like-minded individuals.  I believe that eSports has special potential and I hope to be a big part of it.  Growing up, I never would have imagined that video games would reach the status that they’ve achieved today, which makes me all the more excited to be a part of this great industry.  I look forward to the future and the growth of eSports as a whole.

Thoughts on the eSports Mentorship Academy: 
Getting involved in eSports is probably one of the most daunting tasks for anyone to take on right now.  It is riddled with opportunities, however, many of those opportunities often fail to pan out due to the instability of startups and lack of consistency throughout the industry.  It is filled with new ideas and innovations but alongside that, many of them are bound to fail.  This makes the task of finding steady work all the more difficult. 

Part of this problem is a lack of information and structure, which I believe the eSports Mentorship Academy has an opportunity to create.  This is a truly exciting and ambitious project and I would love to see it become a huge success.  It’s time to start standardizing parts of this industry to make it more accessible to people who want to be a part of it, myself included.  That being said, I’m excited and honored to be a part of this process and wish for nothing more than to benefit the upbringing of others in whatever way I can. 

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