eSports Mentorship Program Leader Profile - Jonathan Jennings

Jonathan Jennings


Administrator & Community Manager

Job Description:
I help invite members to the Esports Professional Network, engage with members and keep up with public relations of the network.

Introduce Yourself:
I have been a fan since 2012 watching competitive Call of Duty. Since then my taste has expanded to League of Legends and CSGO. I have been with EPN for almost the past year. My dream job would be running my own team or leading a major tournament organizer.

Thoughts on the eSports Mentorship Academy:
I am very excited that eSportsRDA is launching the EMA program. There is to much cronyism and greed in this industry instead of ethics and propsperity. I hope this program can help grow the sustainability of our industry. The work Walter has done has been amazing and I'm very honored to know him.

I decided to join this program as there is not enough ethics anywhere you see. People are more worried about big cars then making a difference. Most people also want to call revolution and the future a fad. I believe this is a huge misconception and is going to cost most industries dearly within the coming decade.

Connect with our EMP Mentor:
Twitter: @epivoltz