eSports Mentorship Program Leader Profile - Jonathan Carter


Jonathan Carter


Director of Curriculum / Performance Expert

Job Description:
During my “day job,” I design and implement training for the U.S. Army in resilience and performance psychology. My primary function is to help soldiers and leaders develop a set of skills that allow them to perform at their best more consistently. In addition to training, I also oversee the professional development of 180+ performance psychology consultants in their work with the military.

Our organization is the largest hirer of sport psychologists or consultants in the world.

Introduce Yourself:
Originally hailing from NY, I’ve spent my life as both an athlete and gamer (lacrosse being my primary sport).

I’ve dabbled in esports as early as MLG for Halo (in the early 2000s) and eventually earned my Master’s degree in Sport & Performance Psychology. For the last few years, I’ve combined my expertise in human performance with esport athletes, mostly working with League of Legends teams (Ember, NRG, Splyce, and more) and CS:GO.

My true passion is to develop leaders in coaches to turn esport into an opportunity to develop people in the same way that traditional sport does.

Thoughts on the Esports Mentorship Academy:
Mentorship and professional development are essential for life-long learners. Any opportunity to learn from others who are already “walking the walk,” but also to learn from your peers, is invaluable.

Connect with our EMP Mentor:
Twitter: @ECNjonathan
Skype: JonathanACarter