Announcing the eSports Mentorship Program: Stepping Stone Opportunity for Future eSports Leaders


eSportsRDA started off as an ambitious passion project. To initially help introduce the necessities of coaching and leadership in the amateur and semi-professional scene. As time passed, we realized we could do more, and we have. From a simple coaching platform to a multifaceted face of the eSports landscape, historically we have revolutionized and paved new integral procedures into our infrastructure that helps us make eSports a better industry and market.

From competitive and affordable pricing, to dynamic and powerful services useful to the endemic actors in eSports, our business model revolves around you, the player, the brand, and the business. Giving you opportunities in a blooming industry and market that you wouldn't get otherwise. Today we have announced the eSports Mentorship Program, a program that will help transition new prospects from Students into Leaders.

Transforming you into a decision-maker that will help you run your business better, grow your brand effectively, lead your eSports organization responsibly, or make you an intellectual, aware, well-rounded, and a prepared player.

We're currently accepting applications, if you are a business owner, player, or brand and feel this will help you out, feel free to apply!

*Player: Player or back-end support (Manager, Coach, Analyst)

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