Announcing the eSportsRDA Patreon Program

We're excited to announce the integration of Patreon to our eSports Initiative Program. For months now the EIP outreach has helped dozens of prospect players, brands, and organizations create and expand. Countless hours have gone into facilitating a better industry for individuals and groups. It's been a success, and to our fans and contributors -- thank you! Without your support and your drive this program wouldn't be the same without you.

A lot of hard work and patience go into the program. It's not secret time and money is put into EIP when it could be spent otherwise. We're a small consultancy and every dollar truly helps. We decided to weigh our options, continue the program while eating the expenses, accepting donations on a case by case scenario, or open up a crowdfunding option in addition to allow our supporters and contributors to donate on a monthly basis.

We decided we would like to trial the concept, after weighing all the options currently on the market, we decided to use Patreon as our official crowdfunding platform. As a Patreon donator you will receive incentives such as discounted services, access to our private Discord, receive additional coaching sessions, win prizes and much more to come. A great way to give back to our supporters and contributors while helping sustain us.

Our first goal will be to hit $1,000 monthly. As we mentioned on the initial blog post -- All donations will be that, donations, however, we will remain true to our mission, and remain transparent. At the end of the month an expense report will go out to backers to show where the donations go, why, when, and where. We love eSports and we want to continue developing our outreach programs to serve the greater communities.

If you'd like to support us via Patreon click this link!

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